• About ME


    Compassion, empathy, communication, kindness, understanding.


    These are some of the key words I use over and over when working with clients. How can we learn to be kinder to ourselves and others? How can we learn to be more compassionate to ourselves and others? How can we understand ourselves better, find out what drives us and why we repeat certain patterns of behaviour?


    When working with people I take the role of a support person. Sometimes this means guiding, and other times I might provide education, but most often I ask questions. I enjoy working with people to improve their health and well being. If you are wanting to engage in change and seeking some different skills to improve your life, I would be happy to meet with you. I primarily work with adult individuals.


    I initially trained in cognitive behavioural therapies, and since 2014 I have developed my interest in schema therapy as a treatment model. Schema therapy (ST) really suits the way I practice, it requires warmth and investment in the people I work with. It is an holistic approach, which not only alleviates symptoms of common psychological problems like depression and anxiety, but also focuses on supporting people to live vibrantly. It gives people an understanding of themselves and what drives their unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour, and how to adjust these beliefs and patterns in everyday life. If you would like to know more about schema therapy, please see the link at the top titled 'ST summary link'.


    Qualifications and experience: After completing my undergraduate training in psychology in 2005, I was awarded a postgraduate diploma in psychology in 2006, before starting my internship in 2007 and receiving my full registration as a psychologist in 2009. I graduated Master of Clinical Psychology in 2014. I have worked in public mental health as well as private practice.


    I work part-time in private practice to maintain a work/life balance. In my time 'off', I enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast beaches and creeks with my husband and children, long distance swimming, sampling delicious food at local cafes, and catching up with friends and family. I enjoy being involved in my church community.

  • "Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realised through imagination, effort and perseverance ."


    Scott barry kaufman

  • Areas of treatment

    Common psychological problems

    - Depression and mood disorders

    - Anxiety disorders

    - Trauma based disorders such as PTSD.

    These are by far the most common referral type I receive, yet while the 'label' or diagnosis may be similar, each person's story is unique. Again this is why I like schema therapy, we can sit down together and work out which factors contribute to the depression, anxiety, or trauma based concern, and make some steps toward change together.

    Adjustment disorders

    & grief and loss

    Life is always in a state of change, but some changes are harder than others. These can include bereavement, relationship changes, illness and other types of grief and loss. I have worked with people who present with a range of these difficulties, and find it an honour to walk alongside them through some of these more difficult times in life.

    Peri-natal care

    During my clinical psychology placements I was able to work with a supervisor who was passionate about women's care in the peri-natal period of life. As I was mentally preparing to enter this stage of life myself, I was drawn to it. I have since continued this interest, and have worked with a number of woman presenting with depression, anxiety or other concerns during pregnancy or in the early years after childbirth. It is a unique phase of life, with intense challenges, but also presents great opportunities for personal growth.

    Schema therapy supervision and therapy for therapist

    I enjoy working with my colleagues, and supporting them in their professional and personal journeys. If you are a therapist wanting to gain supervision in the schema therapy model, or a therapist wanting to engage in personal development through the schema model lens, I would love to hear from you. We can sit down together in person, or online and discuss your goals and make a plan together.

  • Schema training

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    • Schema Therapy - an introduction, 2014 with Dr Chris Lee
    • Schema Therapy for common psychological problems, 2016 with Dr Tracey Hunter
    • Advanced Schema Therapy – Modes , 2016 with Dr Tracey Hunter
    • Transformational Chair-work, 2019 with Dr Scott Kellogg and Amanda Garcia Torres
    • Certification training including six days of training with the Schema Therapy Institute Australia, 2020 with Dr Rita Younan and Ruth Holt
    • Schema Therapy: Experiential Techniques to Confront the Inner Critic, 2021 with Dr Tracey Hunter
    • Strengthening the Health Adult Workshop, 2022 with Dr Tracey Hunter
    • Enlight, International Society of Schema Therapists conference 16-18 March, 2023
  • FAQs

    Do I need a referral?

    Referrals are not necessary; however, if you want to access medicare rebates you will need an appropriate referral from your General Practitioner or treating Psychiatrist.

    Are rebates available?

    Yes. Medicare rebates are available with an appropriate referral (known as a mental health care plan) from a general practitioner or psychiatrist in place. There is a gap of approximately $120 to pay above the medicare rebate per session.

    Private Health care rebates may also be available depending on an individual's cover, and out of pocket expenses vary.

    Current availability as of June 2024

    Thanks so much for dropping by and meeting me via my website. At this stage I'm fully booked until mid July, so if you would like to book in, please be aware there will be a wait. Feel free to contact me via the landline below or via email. Thank-you.

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    Please contact me at Understanding Minds on the landline, or via my email.
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    Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast
    Monday 9 - 4pm (fortnightly)
    Tuesday 9 - 4pm (fortnightly)
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